Nail Designs

How to Blend your Nail Colors

We have all heard about blending and customizing your own nail polish, but if you are anything like me, it seems a bit intimidating isnít it? Well, I decided to finally give it a whirl, do a bit of research and practice to see if a challenged nail polishing fool such as myself could pull this off! Why go through this challenge? I like variety and change and options to boot! There are days when I will spend hours looking for the right color of nail polish and just canít find it. You know what I mean. That yellow is just too yellow, and the red is just a bit too fire engine red for what I need it for. Blues? Donít even get me started; I think there are at least 1, 267 types of blues out there and I can never find just the right one for that outfit I want to wear Friday night. So off I went to search the mysterious realm of blending colors to get just the right one for any occasion.

I figured that mixing colors that I already had would be a great start. I had several bottles of colors more than halfway used and decided to start with those. I got some toothpicks from my cupboard and two small tipped artist brushes along with a thick piece of paper to start off with and just went to town. I assumed that once I found the Ďrightí color I was looking for, I could mix a batch in one of my more used bottles and am I glad I did.

Mixing nail polish colors is not any different than an artist mixing colors on a palate board. I had colors everywhere but was careful to at least note which colors I had mixed and a general ratio noted to each one.

I learned that even after I thought I had found the perfect color, I still had to test it on one of my nails because different ingredients such as shimmer and glimmer affected the way the color looked on paper rather than on my fingernail.

I also experimented with the illusion technique. I applied two coats of a dark base, of which the matte seemed to come out looking much better, and I quickly learned to allow enough drying time between each coat to avoid that streaky, icky look. After learning my lesson with the base coat, I applied a top layer of lighter color to create an illusion of a custom color. This seemed to work really well without the fuss of actually having to mix two or more colors together and I was able to even apply a shimmery, metallic color in addition to the other two colors. I had a lot of fun with this method even though I was unable to exactly replicate the formula in a bottle like I wanted to.

However you choose to blend your nail colors, drop by drop, add as you go or by using the illusion method, blending and customizing your own nail color is rewarding and allows for some very creative results that you can have a lot of fun with!